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Eye of the Gato
Old Gato has never been a lighthearted girl. Now that she's older and grey-er, she's more crusty and crabby than ever; especially if you are feline and make the mistake of visiting her turf. Can you relate? I hope you enjoy.
As Water to Face
Reflection of the Wells Fargo Tower, Downtown Roanoke, VA
Weed Or So They Say
DescriptionSuch beauty can be found right under our feet. This little guy is less than an inch tall and by now has been mowed down. Enjoy.
Sycamore Landscape
Love the texture of the Sycamore bark.
Frosty Water Fountain, Smith Park
Spring Sprung
I love the springtime in Virginia. Such an amazing eruption of life and beauty. Speaks in so many ways; I hope you enjoy. This one would make fantastic greeting cards!
Blueberry Blossom 1
These blueberry bushes in our yard amazed me this year when I got in close. The beautiful blossoms remind me of banana trees in the Honduras Mountains. I hope you enjoy!
Three-pronged Attack Tulip
Abandoned Railroad Tracks Roanoke VA
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Sycamore Landscape

Love the texture of the Sycamore bark.